Promoting Women in Tech – Raj Goodman Anand

“Let us try to give other people opportunities and chances to shine and to be the best version of themselves.” Raj Goodman Anand

Often we get caught up in the endless pursuit of things and forget to look around for the opportunities to touch people’s lives and make a difference. By being more thoughtful, we get to slow down and deliberately look out for ways in which we can contribute towards making life better for another person. This is according to our guest today, Raj Goodman Anand, whose realization of the need to make a difference led him to a passion of creating self and career development opportunities for women around the world.

Raj Goodman Anand is the founder of Goodman Lantern, a team of native English content writing services that help businesses sell better and grow faster. An engineer by profession, he has founded three start-ups, raised capital, and taken one venture from zero to acquisition. He has not only had a flourishing career within start-ups but also with large and mid-sized organizations, working on launching start-ups or new products within them. Products he has built have made companies an income in excess of £45m.

Raj has also won BusinessWeek’s Europe’s Young Entrepreneur (2007) and has been named one of Revolution Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Digital (2009). He has spoken at various venues including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Library, and several universities including LSE. Raj and his entrepreneurial ventures have had coverage in The Telegraph, Guardian, BusinessWeek, and Observer.

In today’s episode, Raj will talk about his journey and the events that led him to what he does today which is providing opportunities for women to grow and flourish and the freedom of working remotely.

Listen in!

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  • I am a father and a husband and we love traveling as a family and I’m currently traveling from London and currently in Bangkok. [3:12]
  • I talk about travel first was because in all my life, I worked pretty hard to get where I am and for a purpose which for me one is personal and another is to give back to the world. [3:58]
  • I worked incredibly hard at university and got into engineering and then AI and later got into marketing. [4:10]
  • After eight years of working really hard, I realized that I was taking 320 flights per year for the companies I was working for and it was just painful. [4:20]
  • I thought that it will be really good to actually live in a way where I choose my terms and the thought about remote working came up. [4:43]
  • I started a company eight years back now to kind of focus on helping people in business to content writing. [4:50]
  • I challenged the world I live in and decided to set a company where I can work from anywhere in the world. [5:01]
  • Goodman lantem, is my company has been remote from day one and all our team members are all remote and have the freedom to work on what they are good at. [5:09]
  • It is about bringing team members who have the same passion as you do and I’m a big believer of having that sort of same passion and the same core values. [6:42]
  • When I hire people, I hire them on basis off the values as much as I hire them on basis on their skills. [7:02]
  • Before Goodman Lanten, I was all about making money but somewhere, I felt that I’m missing out the human element. [7:13]
  • I started to do some soul searching and saying, what can I actually contribute to this world and to the community I belong to. [7:34]
  • I have seen several times that women who much smarter than I am not make it to the top because they weren’t given the right representation. [7:41]
  • I thought that I should make it my mission to help women in a particular way and for the last seven, eight years we have hired a lot of women in a company in our departments. [8:18]
  • This is an opportunity for them to work on awesome projects at their comfort and really be inspired to grow themselves and the family as well. [8:45]
  • Some countries such as South Africa has the largest statistics on women-based violence in the world meaning it is not safe for women to go out. [9:22]
  • We’re trying to do what we can from outside to make them safe and earn a good living. [9:38]
  • As company, we are really focused not only in what we bring to the world, but also to our clients so we only work for subscription-based customers. [10:12]
  • Most of our customers are B2B and what we do for them is to create content to help them tell their story as well as rank higher on search engines. [10:38]
  • The other side of story is we bring in women into our company and we train them in the space of software service so that they can then start working with these awesome companies. [10:59]
  • We’re growing really fast and we are getting a lot of new projects and so we need a lot of people on board. [13:11]
  • Commercial break [13:39]
  • Prior to writing content for an organization or individuals, there is a lot of effort, which goes behind it which includes thinking about the mission, the vision, the values and the tone. [15:48]
  • Content is only good if it hits multiple points, which tick marks different things for you as a company, your audience, and the SEO part as well. [16:36]
  • Planning is super important but people forget that planning step and jump right into execution. [16:46]
  • Most customers today we target at least are ones who have a team and bringing in 10 to 500 million in revenues and so they know what they’re doing but they need to scale up. [18:14]
  • This is because scaling up is not easy and needs team members who have the right skills and who understand that the company’s vision, mission and core values. [18:40]
  • When we come in, we help our clients scale up their art in production in all areas. [18:54]
  • It’s important to build a business to earn income but let us try to focus on the greater good and give other people opportunities and chances to shine to be the best version of themselves. [20:03]
  • It goes a long way not only from the point of view of making revenue, but also read karma as well. [20:30]


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