Seek To Be Uncomfortable – David Armstrong

“No matter where you are or what you’re doing in life, the core values that is integrity, service before self and excellence transcends into what your life is today.” Dave Armstrong

Regardless of the circumstances that face us, we always have a choice to determine what informs our actions. Furthermore, our actions always determine the kind of rewards that come our way. Adopting strong core values to inform our actions is therefore very important since the quality of the life we live depends on the values that we adopt. Our guest today, Dave Armstrong, uses his life experience to help people better their lives and says that seeking new knowledge and being grounded on good values is key to overcoming life obstacles.

Sensei Dave Armstrong is a motivational speaker, life coach and at-risk youth expert. He grew up as a product of a broken family, foster care, youth correction facilities and a deceased, only parent at the age of 13. After overcoming all of these obstacles in life and defying his destiny, he decided to serve humanity by dedicating 20+ years towards helping people better their lives and their relationships with their children or the children they work with. After Sensei Dave retired from 24-years of Active Duty Military Service he decided to open Unlimited Potential Network Academy Life Coaching and to publish his amazing motivational autobiography, ‘Why Me, My Fight For Life’ which is available on amazon and on

In today’s episode, Dave will discuss his journey to finding his ‘why’, his life in the military and how it has been instrumental in shaping his life after the military.

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  • I’m retired in Greece after serving 24 years in the Air Force. [4:05]
  • I sold my martial arts schools because I thought that I didn’t need to work anymore and moved to Greece. [4:13]
  • After about two years of that I felt that I wasn’t okay not working so I had to find a new why. [4:28]
  • I was lucky, I’ve been able to realize my why’s because we’re not just subject to have one. [5:12]
  • Early on in life I started developing myself, mind and my skill set out of necessity as I had to do that out of survival. [5:21]
  • After retiring from the Air force I, decided that I had to do something else and now I help parents and entrepreneurs just to crush life. [5:37]
  • After I retired, I wrote a book that is an auto biography where I tried to put so much knowledge and experience in there and that’s doing so well. [7:15]
  • We all have to figure out how to overcome in our own way and it’s incumbent upon you to learn how to overcome for you. [8:26]
  • We as biological beings like comfort but unfortunately, that doesn’t work to our benefit all the time because in order to overcome you have to become uncomfortable. [9:24]
  • I tell my clients to seek to be uncomfortable and open up their schema just a little bit every day and seek new knowledge growth. [9:52]
  • I had a program where I was training women that were being battered by their spouses self-defence and I remember consistently seeing the same women repeating the same patterns. [11:25]
  • It is scary when you have no resources and can’t see past the darkness and on the other side of that wall. [12:12]
  • I remember I had to move my martial arts school because I was silly enough to think that I was going to move it into a low-income neighborhood to try to give back but it did not work. [12:38
  • Sometimes it’s really hard to see past the difficulties but you have to figure out how to look around that wall and get ready for whatever that is on the other side of that wall. [13:14]
  • Commercial break. [13:54]
  • I think everything, every failure and success one has in their life ties in to the next moment and so I use everything of my past to tie into my current and my future. [15:13]
  • No matter what your background is, you can always use your past knowledge and combine that with the current or whatever you’re seeking. [16:00]
  • Consistently seek knowledge for your present, draw from your past, to secure your future so as to see that dream come to fruition. [16:55]
  • The Air Force prepared me to be an entrepreneur because of the core values that we have in the Air Force such as integrity, first service before self and excellence in all we do. [18:22]
  • That’s a model that I’ve brought over to my current career and to everything I do but at the expense of myself. [18:36]
  • No matter where you are or what you’re doing in life, these core values, integrity, first service before self and excellence in all we do transcends into what your life is today. [20:52]
  • If I could say something that creates an aha moment for someone, no matter where it is in your life, I’m so happy. [22:07]
  • My niche is parents of teenagers that are having some struggles with their kids where I have programs that they could buy and do one on one coaching. [22:21]
  • Some of these courses include goal setting and how to teach your teen how to properly set goals; cyber bullying and physical bullying and how to how to overcome. [22:42]
  • There are going to be times that it feels like what you’re after isn’t worth it and feel like you should just give up. [25:02]
  • If you have a thought-out dream, write a why and It’s going to be hard but it’s going to be worth it and you are going to seriously thank yourself for sticking to it. [25:23]


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