Self Doubt is Hurting Your Career- Growth Equals Discomfort

We often grow in times of comfort and ease, but real growth happens when we face difficulties, discomfort, and resistance. These challenges push us to stretch beyond our limits and help us discover the strength and resilience we didn’t know we had.

Growth = Discomfort: Just like the pain that follows a tough workout, work muscles are built by stretching yourself. It won’t always be easy or comfortable, but it will make you stand out in a world of quiet quitters.

Quiet quitting doesn’t actually refer to quitting a job—it means completing one’s minimum work requirements without going above and beyond or bringing work home after hours. If self-doubt is keeping you from stretching yourself, you will very quickly look like everyone else. Everyone else who doesn’t really care. And that will hurt your career in the short, and the long term.

Caring takes extra work, of course, but it also requires that you take action that isn’t always easy or comfortable.

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