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What will Google Analytics tell you about the success of your marketing efforts? More than you might imagine. And our guest today can tell you how to use that information to benefit your business.

Samantha is a successful business owner and Fempire coach, brainstorming specialist and nurturer of ideas who help women understand their business so they can create profit, work efficiently and feel confident about what to do next. The Fempire community is a wonderful group of like minded women in all stages of business, and knows the importance of Understanding your marketing, finance, systems and the impact of growth is empowering.

In this episode we learn about how she went from successful business owner to business coach, all the while finally acknowledging that despite the success of her business, it didn’t feed her passion. And once she changed her trajectory, she found joy in her work and in her ability to help other businesses find success and joy. She also shares some valuable insight on why planning and strategy, and understanding your numbers, means everything to your potential outcomes.

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