The Behaviors Behind Your Credit Score – Michael Holmes

Our guest today will make you think about your credit, and your credit score. He also reminds us that our credit is not actually our score at all, but about the behaviors that are behind how we make, spend, and save our money.

Michael Holmes, President of Delta Credit Restoration has helped thousands of people in the last ten years, raising their credit score a combined total of hundreds of thousands of points.  He has also helped convert hundreds of renters into home buyers.  

In this episode Michael shares some stunning statistics, such as the fact that 1/3 of Americans have a problem with their credit report, and many don’t even know it. He also outlines the core elements to the credit repair strategy that he uses with his clients to help them repair their credit and achieve financial buoyancy. In the end, he also shares some staggering truths that many Americans will face as help they may have received during Covid. This is a must-listen.

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