Brand Love – Anne Candido

“Brand love, in essence is all about creating those emotional connections that transcend your basic product offering.” Anne Candido

Until the world is run by robots, there will always be a person on the other side of the sale. Which means a brand’s ability to transform life in order to create an authentic relationship that they alone own will continue to be paramount for growth. This, according to our guest today, Anne Candido, is Brand-Love, and it helps companies create tangible value that makes customers stick with them.

Anne grew up at P&G – but don’t let that fool you – her path was anything but traditional. She spent her first decade in R&D and Product Development and her second in Brand Marketing and Communications. Through this, Anne learned (sometimes the hard way) the imperative role brand building plays to cultivate successful individuals and businesses.

Anne’s mission is to help all businesses and the individuals within them realize their Brand-Love potential. Because it doesn’t matter the size of your business, how long you have been around, the number of people you have or the amount of money you make, forming Brand-Love connections is possible and should be a focus at EVERY STEP on the business journey. It is how commodities become brands and brands become franchises.

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Book: The Super- Highway of Relevancy: Getting More People to Choose Your Brand, More Often, Indefinitely

  • As I progressed through my career, I decided I wanted to get close to the decision making process, which led me into brand communications and marketing.
  • I got my education on branding and marketing through a lot of experience and understanding how everything works.
  • The idea of brand love is a fundamental way to really grow brands.
  • You have to build an emotional connection to your brand in different ways, in order to continue to grow your brand.
  • What we now do as part of forthright people, is to help small and medium sized businesses understand what their potential is in order to scale and grow their business and brands.
  • Branding and marketing is about consistency and a philosophy which is about putting brand first, thinking about your business from a standpoint of it being a tangible thing.
  • When your brand has life, it starts to take on these emotional connections with people and helps it to mean something to people beyond just the thing that you’re selling.
  • The thing that you’re actually selling is an emotional connection that people are going to take away from the experience that they’re having either through your product, service or through you.
  • We see our personal brand in three different ways which include your characteristics, your appearance, and your behaviors and actions.
  • Making that switch of cultivating your personal brand outside your corporate environment, is the biggest transition you’re going to have to make as an entrepreneur.
  • You have to put yourself in the perception and mindset of other people that are going to be a potential targets and start to re-calibrate based on that.
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  • Brand love, in essence is all about creating those emotional connections that transcend your basic product offering.
  • It’s those emotional connections that create that tangible value, which without it, you’re basically just a commodity competing on price.
  • A brand answers three questions including; who am I? how am I different? and why do you want me?
  • What we really appreciate about human interaction and human relationship, and what we believe is fundamentally needed in marketing and branding is the truth.
  • Our whole way, our brand character, the way that we behave, and the way that we interact with others is to always be forthright, but respectful.
  • A lot of times we develop the product that we want, and then try to make it fit somewhere versus thinking about it from the lens of who we actually want to like us.
  • Embrace the fact that your stories and your personal brand are unique.


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