Legal-Proof Your Business – LeTonya Moore

“Always follow your passion because it will never lead you to anywhere except the road for success.” LeTonya Moore

Many entrepreneurs struggle to actualize their dreams of seeing their products hit the shelves of big retail chain stores. There are legal challenges and risks that come with putting out a product, which if not addressed, can prove to be a pit hole for the business. Our guest today LeTonya Moore, has extensive knowledge and experience in this field, and says that it is all about having the right information and guidance.

LeTonya F. Moore, JD is a business growth strategist and attorney with twenty years of experience building successful enterprises who has spent the last decade developing her own methodology for helping clients overcome regulatory, financial, and legal barriers so they can achieve an unparalleled advantage in the market.  

As a former federal government regulatory attorney, LeTonya has turned to teaching entrepreneurs within emerging industries, how to navigate regulatory systems and get their products to market. LeTonya recently launched the Retail Accelerator Program, a launchpad for product-based entrepreneurs to take their business from Big Idea to Big Bucks, to Big Box stores.

In today’s episode, LeTonya talks about her journey that led her to what she does today. She also expounds on the nature of her work and some of the key lessons she has learnt in the course of running her businesses.

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  • Growing up, I’ve always been around entrepreneurs. [3:09]
  • Up until last year 2020, I had my law firm but then I felt that I needed to transition from law and follow my passion full time. [4:11]
  • I’ve been doing my coaching for four years, but now it’s going to be the main thing which I feel is the next phase of what I’m going to be known for. [5:18]
  • When you take that step, and say that you are ten toes down to my passion, there’s just nothing like it. [5:34]
  • There are so many areas that are now encroaching into the legal field. [7:04]
  • The other thing that I’ve started to see is that even at universities that are offering experts in certain fields to be able to represent clients. [7:35]
  • I take everything that I have learned in my journey and bring to my clients that can’t afford to have an on staff General Counsel. [8:34]
  • This is my passion because here is where I can do the most good and I can help the most people. [9:04]
  • My interest in this area is very personal which stems from a disappointment of seeing other people do what I wanted my family to do. [11:03]
  • I had an epiphany about it and people started reaching out to me asking about how to protect their products. [13:28]
  • I realized that there are a lot of people working with service-based industries, with no one working with them. [14:07]
  • I have that information and expertise to help people be confident that they have everything in order to get to that big box retail store. [14:52]
  • I’ve had people ask why I chose this direction when stores were closing because people are choosing to be online. [15:17]
  • I always try to tell people not to be concerned with what’s happening today because what’s happening today is a result of a decision that was made in the past. [17:14]
  • I encourage people to be ahead of the curve, so that when the shift happens, they’re not trying to get back in. [17:16]
  • I always encourage the people that I work with research to look at what’s not being reported, or look at something in a different perspective. [17:28]
  • Commercial break. [18:38]
  • The biggest lesson that that I’ve learned, is that you cannot do it yourself. [22:47]
  • You need to have people that have gone before you where you’re sort of following on their footprints because wisdom is so valuable. [23:00]
  • The compliance aspect is so huge as well as understanding how to build your capacity to the point that you can meet the demand. [25:32]
  • We like to say that we assist you in becoming the obvious choice in your industry. [27:54]
  • Always follow your passion because it will never lead you to anywhere except the road for success. [29:02]


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