Your Personal Mission Statement – Georgia Woodbine

“Your mindset is the biggest barrier between what you want out of life, where you are now and where you’re trying to be.” Georgia Woodbine

The single most important step you can ever take in your life is cultivating the right mindset. This is because having the right mindset plays a crucial role in determining how you perceive and cope with challenges that life throws your way. Today, our guest, Georgia Woodbine, who lives to empower people to go after their best life, says that it all starts with a shift in the mindset.

Georgia Woodbine is one of the world’s top female speakers and expert personal and professional development coach and has helped to motivate and inspire an entire generation. She is widely known as a change agent, author, lifestyle transformation coach, and dynamic and entertaining speaker. Georgia has been featured in media outlets such as; The Daily News, Huffington Post, Rolling Out Magazine, Sirius Radio XM.

Georgia created a curriculum and lectured at The Learning Annex, one of the premier producers of seminars, lectures, classes, and workshops throughout North America. She has also been a guest speaker at Time Warner Cable, Columbia University, Stony Brook University, Rutgers University, Howard University, Medgar Evers College, Monroe College, Georgian Court University, as well as a long list of other network organizations. She has authored several books and has over fifteen years of entrepreneurial business success as well as an extensive marketing background working in the entertainment industry with; Def Jam, PolyGram, WNYU Radio, WQHT-Hot 97, Black Enterprise Magazine, and the Apollo Theatre where she honed her management, promotions, and marketing skills.

Georgia created and developed a curriculum based on her book, “How to Choose Your Career Path: Charting Your Success,” and lectured at numerous school districts and colleges to help prepare students with employment tools and life skills. She has been a life coach for over thirteen years and has trained and coached hundreds of people. In love with life, Georgia enjoys being an empowerment advocate for others to find their true purpose. She captures her audiences with her message of hope, inspiration, and the power of intention. Her passion continues to touch countless souls in their pursuit of happiness.

In today’s episode, Georgia will talk about her personal journey and the evolution to becoming who she is today. She will also explain why a shift in mindset is the first step to changing all other aspects of your life.

Listen in!  

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  • I am a change agent, a lightworker, teacher, writer, author, speaker, and a lifestyle transformation coach. [3:04]
  • My mission in life is to empower others to live in their highest potential, share my personal journey, and teach them how to confront the things they want to change. [3:17]
  • One of the things I always teach as a life coach is that everybody should have a mission statement and when I say that to people, they look at me like I have two heads. [3:41]
  • A mission statement helps you stay focused, gives you clarity, helps you be in alignment, and allows you to prioritize your time based on what’s important to you. [4:01]
  • Once you understand what that mission statement is, you can tap into your gifts, talents, natural abilities, skill set, and job experience, and you can pull all those things together to create the life you love. [4:18]
  • My personal journey on transformation began about 16 years ago at a point in my life where I was dealing with major [5:34]
  • When you are pushed up against a wall, and you see your life unraveling before your eyes, that’s when you’re forced to look deeper within and are forced to confront yourself and ask the tough questions. [ 5:52]
  • The most important question that I ever asked myself was, “Why am I here?” and that is tied to your purpose, your passion, and the things that bring you joy and [6:18]
  • Most people don’t even realize that they either have a fixed mindset that comes from the belief that your qualities are carved in stone or a growth mindset that comes from the belief that you can create anything that you want at any given time. [8:00]
  • When you have a fixed mindset, you prefer to stay with what’s familiar and tend not to try new things because you feel it’s so hard or challenging. [8:21]
  • When you have a growth mindset, you believe that your qualities are things that you can cultivate through work and effort and that you can change anything at any given time in your life. [8:36]
  • You have a growth mindset when you embrace change and new opportunities, and you understand that when you’re challenged, there’s room for growth for you to evolve. [8:54]
  • When you have a growth mindset, they inspire you to try when you see someone else succeeding. [9:12]
  • It is so important for people to laser in and understand what kind of mindset they have to change it. [9:30]
  • Commercial break. [9:42]
  • Your mindset is the biggest barrier between what you want out of life, where you are now, and where you’re trying to be. [10:57]
  • Sometimes in life, you have to retrain your mindset, including retraining your thoughts and belief systems. [11:14]
  • Society puts labels on us all the time, but it’s really about finding out who you are, beyond those labels. [11:27]
  • The hardest thing for people is to understand who is the true self, but when you get to the place of the true self, you understand that you are authentic. [11:44]
  • I realized that I have come to the realization of my true self and that I have the power to create whatever I desire, which may not happen exactly when I wanted to, but it will happen. [12:14]
  • When you retrain your mindset, your thoughts cannot be incapable of what you were trying to create. [12:30]
  • You have to be aligned mentally, emotionally, physically if you’re trying to manifest change in your life with what you’re trying to create. [12:36]
  • The magic in my life began when I started to understand how to let go and living in the present moment, not worrying about your past and not fretting about your future. [13:58]
  • I love the quote by Dr. Dwayne Dwyer, which says, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at chang” [14:25]
  • When you achieve the things you want, you’re going to desire more things, so it is important to understand your why and your motive behind why you do what you do. [15:00]
  • The first step to changing anything in your life is to change your mindset, and it is the first and most important step to achieving anything you want in life. [16:08]
  • You have to develop a plan of action because nothing happens until something moves. You have to take action steps daily to achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. [16:32]
  • Make a commitment to yourself and discover your true motivation behind why you want to achieve these goals. [16:44]
  • Understand that behind every goal lies a deeper meaning that is motivating your desire, and it is important to understand what that is. [16:55]
  • Take small steps, and don’t be afraid to revise your plan and goal. If you take baby steps, you will not be so overwhelmed with trying to make this change happen soon, but you will be taking steps to make it happen. [17:03]
  • You have to learn how to simplify your life and once you learn to do that, you learn not to let things distract your purpose. [18:40]
  • When you are connected to that higher part of yourself, you learn to create the life you love by controlling your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. [19:05]
  • Always focus on your why because when you focus on your why you tend to focus on the things you want and less on the things you don’t want. [20:46]


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