Our Hidden Pains – Karina Kantas

“No matter what you are going through you have to look and find the positive out of the negative.” ~ Karina Kantas

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, we may look strong but deep inside we are carrying burdens that no one can even know. We suffer silently with chronic diseases that lead to numerous additional issues, especially depression.

Karina Kantas is an award-winning author of fiction and she has 14 books published to date. She writes in all genres, YA, erotica, thriller, PNR, fantasy, MC thriller, horror, dystopian, dark romance, mafia thriller, sci-fi. She also runs Author Assist, which offers affordable services to independent authors. She is a radio show host and she has two podcasts, all helping authors get seen and heard on many platforms. She is from the UK but lives on the island of Corfu, Greece.

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  • I wanted to give back to authors who were desperate to publish their book but didn’t know what to do. [3:59]
  • I teach them, I do one on one where they learn these tools rather than hire me to do the same thing over and over again, they learn how to do it themselves. [4:21]
  • The contrast between the traditional publishing house versus the hybrid was so vastly different [7:40]
  • To get your foot in the door, through the big five, they want to know how many social media followers you have how many likes you have it doesn’t matter if your book is great. [8:18]
  • You bring something to the table and they bring the other parts to the table and you end up with more royalties and you get to keep your rights [8:46]
  • It not good to force yourself to write you need to be in the zone because when you are in the zone everything flows out and the character’s start speaking to you. [11:02]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC.[12:52]
  • Before we were laughing at how you work 24/7 when you are actually struggling with insomnia when most of your medication should be knocking you out [21:29]
  • Basically, what would happen, is I would be walking round the supermarket, shopping and I would suddenly blank out I wouldn’t collapse but things would go black. [23:27]
  • I am awake but my brain was sleeping, I wondered how; when I am thinking about my work, but the readings showed that though I was awake, my brain is sleeping. [25:50]
  • We aren’t always the best at abdicating ourselves with our physicians. [26:54]
  • No matter what you are going through you have to look and find the positive out of the negative [30:49]
  • We may have the same things as they were but things will get better [31:30]


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