We‘ve Done Hard Things Before – Krystalore Crews

“We won’t know what is if we don’t reach outside our comfort zone.” Krystalore Crews

Looking inward and developing a connection with self helps own our experiences and trust our capabilities. This is especially important when going through circumstances that require our input in order to move forward. Our guest today, Krystalore Crews, has gone through varied experiences in her military journey and says that strategic planning, goal setting, and mindset are paramount in any journey. She taps from her lessons to teach and guide others to navigate through the different hurdles they are facing in life.  

Crews, MBA, ADC, is a People Strategist–Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Consultant, Certified Coach and Facilitator. Krystalore has spent the last 19+ years serving in the United States Air Force, and the last four years in strategic development and execution of diversity and inclusion programs in the US Government and Department of Defense. She has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with an Entrepreneurial concentration from Medaille College, and a Professional Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Georgetown University.

Krystal Crews uses her personal experience overcoming obstacles and 19+ years as a military leader in the Air National Guard to engage employees. Krystalore continues to serve, leading an organization of 800 employees part-time with a strategic D&I program from strategy, communications, coaching, and training. She also oversees the strategic community engagement plan for the United States consisting of 90 other Practitioners. Additionally, she mentors and supports 14 Practitioners in the Northeast Region.

She has prior diverse experiences as a Financial Advisor, Construction Project Manager, restaurant Corporate Trainer, Recruiter, Retention Manager, and Computer Engineer. Additionally, as an NFL Alumni Cheerleader, her clients will not get hours full of boring PowerPoint slides. Instead, Krystalore entertains and incorporates videos, interactive activities, team building, goal setting, and engagement to educate the audience.

Based out of Louisville,KY, Krystalore operates as a Coach and Consultant as founder of The Crews Coach. Krystalore leads individuals and teams toward improving their emotional intelligence and inclusive leadership journey. Krystalore is an athlete and marathon runner. She is the Coach of the (National) Air National Guard Marathon Team, competing annually at the Air Force Marathon. The team has won first place of 12 teams 3 out of the last 4 years. Her leadership, stamina, determination, and resilience overcoming diversity and health challenges bring a unique perspective to relate to many challenges that many people are faced with.

Krystalore spent the last 6 years organizing and leading local chapters for the National organization, Team Red, White, and Blue (RWB). The mission is to enrich the lives of Veterans through social and physical activity. Her mission as a military member and military spouse is to unite members of all services and wars to a common mission through awareness, connection, and engagement. Krystalore continues her coaching and consulting work virtually as she travels to support her husband’s active career in the Army.

Krystalore enjoys studying human behavior and engaging with people to communicate better in the workplace, but also at home with a spouse, family, friends, or children. It helps them grow not only professionally, but personally.

She also released her new book: Your Krystal Clear Life Planner: A Woman’s 90 Day Action Plan to Embrace Chaos and Live a Fulfilling Life is available on Amazon: Link here:  https://thecrewscoach.kartra.com/page/planner

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krystalore-crews/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krystalore/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecrewscoach/

The Crews Coach Business pages:

Website: www.krystalorecrews.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecrewscoach

  • I joined the military right after 911 with a friend of mine initially to pay for college but also for the things that were going on in the world. [4:00]
  • We chose to go with the Air National Guard so that we can serve our community and go to school. [4:26]
  • I found out that it really provided so much experience, education, camaraderie and community that I ended up falling in love with it and staying in. [4:45]
  • In the last 19 years, I’ve had seven different positions and I just keep challenging and growing myself through those experiences. [5:01]
  • What we do is we serve in the community that we live in where we do domestic operations and we have a federal mission as well. [6:10]
  • Even though I work part time, technically, I wear that uniform inside my heart, mind and life and is very deep rooted in our core values. [8:08]
  • As a servant leader, an airman, as a leader, I have to consistently hold on to the call to serve others before self. [8:37]
  • I met my husband eight years ago and as a military spouse, I had to resign my fulltime active duty position, go part time and serve right with [9:47]
  • The biggest thing when I think about my service and how it connects to me, being an entrepreneur is really just learning to trust myself, and reach outside my comfort zone. [11:25]
  • My experience enables me to help my clients face difficult situations and really owning the trust of their experience and [12:18]
  • Many a times we have to drown out those negative noises and really stay true to our passion, drive and our values. [14:08]
  • Commercial Break. [14:55]
  • Both of my businesses have a foundation of emotional intelligence and personal growth. [16:04]
  • I think in order for us to show up in life, relationship and connect with other human beings, we have to be totally good with ourselves first. [16:15]
  • My career has evolved so much over time, because the more I help mostly women, the more I learn how complicated human being we are. [16:52]
  • What I found is that many times if people want to lose weight, it’s much deeper than that and so I focus on everything about emotional intelligence and the human connection. [17:10]
  • We just launched the cruise beyond limits and my husband is handling all the men’s personal training. [17:52]
  • I also found that the power of stretch, recovery, and Yoga has to be a really great part of our cross training and so I actually just brought on an affiliate cruise coach who is a yoga instructor. [18:16]
  • My second business is inclusion culture where I have three other business partners doing consulting work on inclusion and diversity for four years now. [20:13]
  • When COVID happened, we had to pivot really quickly to zoom and really learn how to facilitate group training over zoom. [20:43]
  • We also have a foundation of emotional intelligence where we help leaders and companies discover within themselves so that they can make deeper connections and understand themselves. [21:07]
  • With the new ways of working, people are getting comfortable at home and it’s a whole other dynamic of what humans go through and grow through. [22:22]
  • Our goal is really to drive that connection, not only with themselves, but with others, regardless of the situation. [22:45]
  • Take each day as it comes and everyday as a blessing so live each day just your true potential and reach outside your comfort zone to see what’s possible. [23:54]
  • Sometimes we don’t have to have all the answers or always be perfect, we just have to be willing to try. [24:16]


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