Training with a Monk Mindset – Jay Sooknanan

“If you want to shock your potential, then change your habits.” ~ Jay Sooknanan

Going down the wrong path in life does not mean that you can’t make change for the better. Your past does not define your future if you make conscientious choice, and our guest today knows that personally and professional.

In this episode we learn about Jay’s background and how his wrong choices earlier in life prompted him to start living his life for his own dreams and goals, and not to please others. He also reminds us to love ourselves, even in, or maybe especially in, times of strife.

Jay Sooknanan is a Health and Wellness Guru who supports people and communities to live abundantly through well-rounded finances, health practices, and practices of well-being. He is also the author of Abundance – A Journey from Anxiety And Depression.

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  • If you want to shock your potential, then change your habits. [04:14]
  • Always try to give me than you take, generosity is great. As I give more I receive. [05:06]
  • Doctors are great people, but the system itself doesn’t set them up to be the best service to people. [06:06]
  • The transition from employed to entrepreneurship can really affect you especially if you are not used to asking for things. [07:17]
  • You don’t need to convince people if your product or service if good. People are going to want it. [08:43]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [12:13]
  • What are your thoughts on helping people to start to make this mental transition and find some peace as we start to live a non-lockdown life? [14:42]
  • When you actually face challenges are you going to rise up and lead or fall back into your old habits? [15:12]
  • Take care of yourself, take care of your health, take care of your mind. Your mind is the most important thing. [16:01]
  • Instead of falling into the rabbit hole of negativity you got to learn to swim into positivity. [17:15]
  • If you meditate, it actually elevates your immune system more that exercise. [17:47]
  • Get a practice, get something you like that could reduce your thoughts, reduce your stress and relax your mind. [21:06]
  • Take that moment for you. Draw a line in the sand and create a routine that is going to manifest the life that you want. [21:43]
  • Your routine is going to dictate where you go. [21:55]


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