Can I Face My Weaknesses with Michael Sherlock

To be happy one needs to, not only look at their strengths but also their weaknesses. In today’s episode Michael Sherlock dives into how one needs to look into the positive as well as the negative to shock your own potential.

Michael is recognized as a lead expert in leadership, sales training and customer service. She has over 25 years’ experience and  is dedicated to creating positive, productive, and profitable workplaces, and helping individuals, and businesses unlock their ultimate potential. Before launching her global training company: Shock Your Potential, Michael was the Vice President of Sales for two multi-national medical device companies, responsible for net revenue exceeding $75 million and as many as 500 employees at a time.

How you portray yourself and talk about yourself.  What do people say about you behind your back when you’re not listening? What you want to be known for? What are your weaknesses? What do you feel about yourself?

Michael as she takes us through how self-evaluation affects your output. And how executive presence can impact your brand.

Listen in!

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Through our weekly live coaching session, followed by open Q & A, Shock Your Sales Potential, will guide them through proven strategies that are aligned to their individual personalities and strengths, and as a result of our time together, they achieve sales results with greater ease and more success.

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