Kiddie Kredit -Mike Gross

“Whatever you’re doing, the sooner you get started on it, the sooner you can reach your goals and dreams.” Mike Ross

When it comes to financial literacy, the earlier one gets to learn about it the better placed they will be to make good financial decisions. This is according to our guest today, Mike Ross, who has been in the business of educating young people to understand about money usage from an early age.

Mike Gross is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, entrepreneur coach, and youth development professional. He has spent more than 10 years creating, designing, & facilitating programs for tomorrow’s leaders and those that serve them. Spreading a message emphasizing entrepreneurship, motivation, leadership, and changing the paradigm on young people of color. He is also the founder of the WesGold Fellows Summer Internship (, co-founder of educational app startup Kiddie Kredit ( ) and the author of the youth entrepreneurship book, ‘You Can, You Should, You’re P.A.I.D., a Guide to the Successful Entrepreneur Mindset,” which can be found on Amazon or directly on his website.

In today’s episode, Mike will talk about his business and some of the factors that have greatly contributed to the success of his business.

Listen in!

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  • I feel like I have always been in a position to help others and I always thought that whatever the career I got into it was going to be helping others to reach their potential. [2:12]
  • The business that we’ve created is called kitty credit which is a mobile chore tracking app designed to prepare families for the risks of using credit. [2:26]
  • In advance of you ever having to actually use credit, we want you to understand both how it works, and how it impacts your life moving forward. [3:31]
  • We know that credit is one of the most important wealth building tools that America has to offer. [3:39]
  • Our goal is to start at a much younger age to ensure that you know how to use it effectively. [3:55]
  • When it comes to your finances, it’s often a really emotionally charged topic and families look at it in different ways. [8:32]
  • If I can get you from that foundational level to understand that money and credit are tools that you can use effectively for your future, then we’re in a better position. [9:37]
  • Commercial break. [11:47]
  • What have I learned about myself is, first that I love starting things. [13:05]
  • One of the most important things that I’ve learned is, you cannot do this effectively without a good team. [13:31]
  • The strengths that I have that helped me to succeed in business being able to envision the final endgame of what we’re trying to get to. [14:07]
  • There are so many people who help you achieve whatever it is that you’re getting to. [16:13]
  • You’re standing on the shoulders of giants who have already come before you and laid the foundation to be able to build the business you want after that. [16:19]
  • There are a good number of people who are excited to support the mission and vision when you clearly lay it out. [19:11]
  • Once we have something to get behind, we can build together and leverage the skills, abilities and time of other people. [19:24]
  • There is no reason you can’t start today, whatever the idea or business goal. [20:57]
  • Whatever you’re doing, the sooner you get started on it, the sooner you can reach your goals and dreams. [21:13]
  • It is not always about the money, there has to be a bigger goal in mind for what you are accomplishing which can push you through those really difficult times. [21:44]
  • Take measured intentional steps to reach whatever the goals that you have for yourself. [22:54]


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