Clarity Through Practical Spirituality – Tiffany Nguyen

“Most of us are just not caring to ourselves. It is so much easier for us to have compassion for others and forget ourselves in the process.” Tifanny Nguyen

In an effort to find fulfillment and meaning, many people end up subscribing to other people’s ideas and definitions of what happiness is. True fulfillment, however, stems from within through knowing self and accepting the person that we are in totality. By focusing on self-awareness, people become more compassionate of themselves and motivated to pursue more fulfilling lives. This is according to our guest today, Tifanny Nguyen, who found out that the focus on personal transformation often precedes the spiritual journey.

Tiffany Nguyen is a spiritual life coach who helps busy professionals and sensitive, high-achievers reconnect with their truths and live authentically. She combines practicality and spiritual wisdom to guide people towards clarity and confidence in who they are, leading them to inner peace and happiness. With her analytical brain and her intuitive Tarot reading skill, Tiffany brings a unique approach to one’s self-transformation journey.

Tiffany immigrated to the U.S when she was 16 and quickly learned the harsh reality of being alone in a foreign country. She faced her greatest fear: loneliness. As the years went by, she grew tired of chasing the next thing and feeling lost and decided to look within. Tiffany created the Happiness Blueprint to illustrate how people can build a fulfilling life for themselves. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy and is a student of Tibetan Meditation Master, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Her articles have appeared on Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Purpose Fairy, and McGill Media. She has also been featured on the spiritual podcast, Unfuck Your Mind.

In today’s episode, our guest will be discussing her journey and experiences and how they led her to what she is currently doing with her clients. She will also dive deeper into the Tarot reading practice and what it has to offer.

Listen in!

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  • My story started when I immigrated, but it was more like a night of the soul experience where I was depressed and suffered through a lot, and years later when life got better, I did not deal with the mess but just suppressed it and kept going. [3:55]
  • It took me all the way into while I was in pharmacy school and at the time it seemed like nothing was wrong in my life but in reality, I was miserable and then my friend commented that she wished she had a relationship like mine. [4:39]
  • I responded that it was not that great but immediately right after my coping mechanisms jumped right in and I started giving excuses. [5:18]
  • It was a beautiful moment because it seems like my best friend knew me better than I did myself. [5:34]
  • I became very open and vulnerable and shared with her about my past where I got into a lot of relationships I shouldn’t be in and I hated myself a lot. [5:50]
  • I always thought I had to earn happiness by doing a lot of things and just play every role perfectly which was just tiring. [6:12]
  • So that was a saving grace, she also opened up and become vulnerable and share with me her past and it turned out that we were very similar. [6:46]
  • What stuck with me is not about our past, but about how we were adamant that each other deserve the best happiness. [6:55]
  • It took me a few months later while driving along and I have this simple epiphany that if I swap places with my best friend, I will never, ever even think to consider her any less. [7:09]
  • I realized that I was hard on myself and forgave myself and that self-forgiveness was what kick-started my spiritual journey. [7:27]
  • Immediately after I forgave myself, it was like an overnight effect that I felt that the burden was off and that I didn’t have to pretend anymore. [7:39]
  • I realized what I was feeling was valid so I took stock of my life on what’s working and what was not. [7:50]
  • A year later after I started my journey, I became ready then I met my teacher on Facebook and learned meditation. [8:26]
  • With the work I do as a retail pharmacist, at one point my life was chaotic but with the foundation and the practice I had, there was always a sense of calm and being grounded that almost felt palpable. [9:15]
  • I wished everybody would feel that but it is not always available for everyone and so it is from that wish that I started the business. [10:07]
  • In my work now I help with busy professionals and high achievers where we walk the pattern through relationships, tracing back with their thought patterns beliefs, and perceptions, and how they view life and themselves. [10:24]
  • What worked at the moment that I and my friend had was the kind of relationship we had where we were both understanding of each other and there was great trust. [12:43]
  • We don’t always have this kind of trust and understanding with family members or intimate relationships due to expectations but with friends it is different. [12:58]
  • I think that trust, security, and understanding helps open up the conversation and sharing to be vulnerable where without it we just can’t get to get down to the bottom to the truth. [13:56]
  • Most of us are just not caring about ourselves. It is so much easier for us to have compassion for others and forget ourselves in the process. [15:15]
  • Part of the healing process is to learn to know ourselves, take it with grace and give us a lot of love and compassion. [15:34]
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  • I was lucky to grow up in Asia, Vietnam which is a very spiritual country and even if we have no religion, 100% of Vietnamese have ancestorship. [18:20]
  • I was always begging my mum to go see a psychic which she did much later when I was eighteen and after that, I just got sucked into it. [18:48]
  • After a while, I started getting a lot of psychic reading and became like a dependency which was very unhealthy. [19:07]
  • When I got to the US that trait of mine continued and later on I got exposed to the Tarot which was different from how it was done in Vietnam. [19:38]
  • I got this urge and curiosity to go explore and I realized that I could do it which was quite surprising to me because I never thought I could do it. [20:30]
  • So my brand is very analytical and nowhere intuitive at all. [21:10]
  • Tarot is interesting to me because it has a system or guideline on which I can rely and not be completely lost and overwhelmed. [21:29]
  • The beautiful thing about the Tarot is there is a lot of archetypes and is applicable in so many aspects of our life. [23:18]
  • Later on, when I started my spiritual journey and awakening and started working with people I started noticing people also developing the same dependency tendency that I had before and therefore I stopped offering Tarot reading professionally. [23:44]
  • It is also beautiful to just offer people an opportunity to explore their possibilities. [24:52]
  • I think Tarot is a very good, personal tool to use for reflection and a great exploration tool to learn about oneself. [27:01]
  • Another way that I have seen people use the Tarot a lot is when writers encounter writer’s blocks. [27:37]
  • A lot of artists also use the Tarot since it has so many themes and there is a lot of things that they can explore. [28:00]
  • I would say any long-lasting fulfilling relationship that you ever wish in your life is so where you have to start at the solid foundation of the relationship with yourself. So invest in yourself and explore yourself. [30:42]


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