Unleashing your Inner ‘Superhuman’ -Hari Kalyminios

Hari Kalymnios is an expert on resilience, mindset, self-leadership, health, and best of all, how to feel ‘SUPERHUMAN’. After spending over a decade for Accenture and The London Stock Exchange, Hari now helps people discover how to be the best leaders they can be.  He teaches simple, unique and powerful practical philosophies on health and wellbeing.

Hari challenges people to become the best self-leaders they can be by optimising themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hari is also the author of the book The Thought Gym: Train The Mind and The Body Will Follow (https://amzn.to/31kKdCY), and works with both companies and individuals in London and internationally to help them become superhuman leaders. From the TEDx stage to multinational corporations and billionaires, Hari’s mission is to help people the world over unlock their own ‘inner superhuman’

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