Increase Your Vibration – Monica Parikh

“The more you work on yourself, the better your life reality becomes.” ~ Monica Parikh

Did you know that you have the power within you to create deep and meaningful relationships, with yourself, with others, and as a positive guide for your children? Our guest today not only knows you can, but also how to help you get there.

In this episode we learn about the catalyst for her own personal journey and how it inspired her to build this business designed to help her clients to transcend grief, shed ineffective behaviors, experience ongoing calm, resolve conflict peacefully, and more.

Monica Parikh is a teacher, writer, lawyer and public speaker. Through her business, School of Love NYC, she teaches love, psychology and higher consciousness. Using psychology, spirituality, non-violent communication and quantum physics, her curriculum gives clients practical skills in emotional intelligence to build healthy relationships.

Listen in!


  • My business is really meant to be disruptive in two realms; the psychological realm, and dating and love relationships. [03:37]
  • We don’t spend too much time, energy and financial investment in actually learning how to be healthy and whole in relationships. [04:17]
  • One of the biggest reasons people get divorced is money. [06:55]
  • I am seeing a younger generation, millennials really looking at marriage and relationships differently than their parents looked at it. [11:35]
  • Your parent’s relationship and the way they parent you has such a psychological imprint on your ability to attach later in life to other people. [12:07]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [13:49]
  • I belief that our relationship with God and our relationship with ourselves are the two primary relationships we have to work on. [16:34]
  • In securing our relationships with ourselves we tend to enter into a lot of insecure relationships. [16:50]
  • One of the really big things I see happening now is, people talking so openly about their emotional struggles. [20:26]
  • Social media has built a culture of look how great my life is and you have a real disconnection when your life doesn’t feel that great. [22:36]
  • When something doesn’t feel good anymore you either change the way you have relationship with it or you opt out. [24:25]
  • I noticed when I first went off social media how much it had shortened my attention span; how much I had been programmed for some kind of external validation that had to be instantaneous. [28:06]
  • As opposed to asking for life to change, ask for you to change. [32:17]


TopDog Learning Group, LLC is a leadership, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting firm based in Orlando, FL, USA but with “TopDoggers” (aka consultants) throughout North America and beyond.

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