Free Spirit Coaching – Traci Moreno

“Don’t ignore reality, deal with what’s there.” ~ Dr. Traci Moreno

It takes courage to ask for help. But when you do, opportunities for healing about. Our guest today knows all about that.

In this episode we talk about the courage to take steps towards personal growth, emotional healing, living in a post-pandemic world, and more. After listening, you will not only want to visit her clinic, but you will also want to find the same peace that she brings to her clients.

Dr. Traci Moreno is a clinical and forensic psychologist with 17 years of experience, and is the owner of Free Spirit Coaching & Psychological Services in Cave Creek, AZ. Her experience includes working as a therapist at inpatient residential facilities for severely mentally ill criminal defendants, as a Senior Psychologist at a maximum-security prison in Los Angelas County, and the Director of Mental Health Services for a community clinic before deciding to slow down her life and bring her passions for spirituality, nature, animals and fitness into her psychology career.

The practice sits on a beautiful 2-acre property with mini donkeys and Zen garden gazebos, which serve as their offices. Dr. Moreno collaborates with other providers and incorporates equine-assisted therapy, spiritual coaching, reiki, sound healing, Thai massage and yoga into her treatment plans. Free Spirit also offered private and customized retreats. 

Listen in!

  • I have seen counselors throughout my life and some of them have really nice office but it’s still like walking into an office building. [04:26]
  • As a society we are using our words better to convey this emotional trauma everybody had been in. [06:58]
  • Breakdown the stigmas of seeking help and support. [09:53]
  • You have a number of ways you incorporate animals in your whole experience too. [10:13]
  • Its sequentially proven that just being in the presence of an animal lowers your heart rate, it releases all happy chemicals in your brain, it calms us down. [10:25]
  • There is going to be a sense of being afraid to be physically close to people you don’t know or those you do know. [13:59]
  • That’s how we respond horses and donkeys reflect our behavior that’s why they are used in therapy. [15:48]
  • Life is filed with a lot of difficult things, we go through so many challenges and struggles in life that this small moment in between where we can celebrate an achievement. [18:15]
  • Quality of life is just as important as say quantity or our safety. [1903]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [19:20]
  • This is the perfect opportunity to have more heightened awareness especially for the young people in our lives. [20:41]
  • My real hope for this month and focus of this podcast is to remind us all that taking good care of ourselves mentally] is something we can and should do. [21:20]
  • The one question I keep hearing from people over and over is “How do I come back, what if I don’t want to come and work in the office?” [ 23:59]
  • Don’t ignore reality, deal with what’s there. [27:58]
  • Getting help from other people is normal. [28:46]


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