From Steel Drums to Guiness World Record – Pavlina Osta

“The older we get the more roadblocks we put in our own way and that definitely can stop us from doing our best work or getting it to where we want to go.” Pavlina Osta

Embracing an entrepreneurial journey at a young age is never easy. The pressure to keep up with the changing business world and the industry can be daunting especially when not well grounded to values. Our guest today, Pavlina Osta has been in the limelight for as long as she can remember and says that it is all about being yourself and not letting other people get into your head.

Pavlina Osta is an award-winning multimedia personality and the best-selling author of 20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know. Currently based in New York City, Pavlina implements her dynamic talents daily as a content creator, producer, host, and serial entrepreneur.

Pavlina has strong roots in speaking to pop culture. At the age of 11, she hosted her first radio talk show, which won her five Gracie Awards between 2014 and 2017, a TELLY Award, a Communicator Award, and a Rising Star Award. As she continued her media journalism career, Pavlina interviewed over 600 notable celebrities and later on earned herself a Guinness World Record for the Most Radio Interviews Conducted in 24 Hours – 347 interviews.

Today, at age twenty-four, this groundbreaking Gen Z commentator continues to make waves in the media industry. With her newest book (20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know) and her podcast (The Greatness Blueprint), Pavlina is changing the way Millennials and Gen Zs view success, take care of themselves, and unlock their potential.

In today’s episode, Pavlina will be talking about her journey to what she does today.

Listen in!

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  • I started my radio show when I was 11 years old. [3:13]
  • As I got older, I started doing the millennial Gen Z commentating on different talk shows because I was fascinated with my generation. [3:39]
  • I always felt very thankful for finding out what I wanted to do so early and that really motivated me in my journey and what I do now. [4:06]
  • I quit my corporate job in July to really focus on myself and my brand which is now into wellness and self-development. [4:28]
  • I want to be able to interview and educate the people that are able to help millennials and Gen Z with what it is that they’re going through. [5:03]
  • I was fascinated and learnt to play the steel drums when I was in fifth grade and afterwards my parents got me my own steel drums made by Tommy Reynolds [5:33].
  • I started getting those performances done in different places and ended up getting my first radio interview which I ended up liking it a lot and the rest happened. [9:24]
  • The older we get the more roadblocks we put in our own way and that definitely can stop us from doing our best work or getting it to where we want to go. [13:42]
  • I came up with my book during COVID which I am proud of the fact that it’s a bestseller on Amazon and I want to continue to work on promoting the book. [14:32]
  • It is a guide and a blueprint for young people to succeed not only in their careers, but also in their lives. [14:53]
  • I feel like there’s so much noise and false information and I try to sort of cut through that with a tough love and a sprinkle of celebrity advice that I got throughout the years in my book. [15:06]
  • I just finished the whole process of rebranding and I am focusing on my podcast which is basically going to be a branch of the book. [16:04]
  • I really want to go into every single issue that I know I have, or that I know peers of mine have to sort of help on that self-development journey. [16:13]
  • I am so thankful that we talk about mental illness and mental health. [17:40]
  • It is important that we talk about mental health because it is part of who we are and it makes people a lot more compassionate. [19:03]
  • I feel like being able to talk about that and being open with each other enough to do that does bring in more of the human connection side that we seem to lose when everything is digital. [19:35]
  • Commercial break. [19:57]
  • I have faced different obstacles at different times from dealing with not really getting a lot of support from different people to turning my student life on and off. [23:09]
  • It was a very complicated dynamic and so I just had to sort of adjust all the time. [24:16]
  • It was challenging for me while I was in college and while I was trying to climb the corporate ladder, because I didn’t really understand timelines with things. [25:30]
  • It took a minute to learn that being an entrepreneur, you’re going to have ups and downs, and that the lows are when you learn and actually are growing and it is how you have the wins. [26:10]
  • I’m trying to reverse and go back to how I used to think when I was young where loss was a learning experience and not failure. [26:39]
  • Who you’re around really does affect your mental state, how you think, what you believe and how you perceive things. [27:15]
  • It’s so important to do the things that keeps you whole and I think that communications everything. [30:14]
  • My greatest strength is that I am extremely resourceful and I believe is the most important tool for all entrepreneurs. [32:10]
  • The mentality of always wanting to make it perfect will stop you in your tracks and nothing will get done thus hindering your progress. [34:03]
  • The advice I would give my younger self is to own what you are and don’t let other people get in your head. [35:40]
  • No matter what it is you are going, it gets better so keep going. [37:46]


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