Get Up & Be Stronger – Jeff Martinovich

“I inspire and motivate them to get back up off the canvas, re-engage in that competitive game of life, and give it another shot.” Jeff Martinovich

Sometimes life throws us carved balls which may seem too hard to take. Yet it is during those moments when your mindset has to remain optimistic and tough in order to work through the hardships. Our guest today, Jeff Martinovich, has made through some of the toughest times and says that it is about taking deliberate actions to remain strong not only mentally, but physically and spiritually as well.

Jeffrey A. Martinovich is a First Gulf War Veteran, MBA, and CEO of JAM Accelerator, LLC, a business consulting and incubation firm.  Previously, Jeff was Founder and CEO of MICG Investment Management, a billion-dollar wealth management firm. After the 2008 Financial Crisis, Jeff rejected three government plea offers, resulting in a 14-year prison sentence. Yet the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed twice, two U.S. District Court Judges were removed, and after nearly 7 years, he was released to home confinement in May 2020 to begin rebuilding his life. His book is Just One More: The Wisdom of Bob Vukovich

In this episode, Jeff talks more about his life as he went through the most difficult moments of his life and the motivation to rebuild after his released.  

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  • It was a very traumatic challenge to one day be running a billion-dollar organization, and the next day be in the throes of defending everybody. [3:02]
  • We all have these pivotal points in our life, where all of our training and experiences comes into play. [3:16]
  • I was sentenced to 14 years in prison and I went to a pretty higher security violent prison. [4:41]
  • I went into the Law Library and started to teach myself federal criminal law. [4:59]
  • I was incredibly lucky to reverse my case twice, removed two federal judges, and get back home after seven years. [5:15]
  • I decide that every day I was going to get up and be stronger physically, intellectually and emotionally and I worked in these three areas every day. [7:49]
  • When you have had a lot of leadership positions, the key is to fix it situations. [8:11]
  • Now I’m working day and night to rebuild the world and I’m helping a lot of the people in organizations that were hurt through this with me. [8:24]
  • I am also trying to help a ton of other people, not let what happened to me happen to them. [8:48]
  • Most people, especially entrepreneurs don’t realize that the more successful you get, the more visible you are. [9:01]
  • At the Academy in the military, we always say that if you’re not scared, you’re stupid but courage is what you do when you’re scared. [10:53]
  • Jam accelerator is a combination consulting and coaching business that we have where we help business owners do better. [13:05]
  • I love to help business owners and we do it in a consulting or in a coaching model and we do in the defense industry as well as a pretty broad array of commercial business. [13:35]
  • I really like mostly getting immersed with our clients and we try to take on projects where we could have Uber dramatic impact on the organization. [15:31]
  • Commercial Break. [16:02]
  • I’ve made more mistakes than anyone who could possibly be listening to this show right now. [17:42]
  • My secret sauce is culture because I believe everybody wants to be part of something that inspires them. [18:05]
  • To do that, we have to be different and be better in everything that we do because that is what separates us from everybody. [18:58]
  • I get scared every day because I still feel these things hanging over me, but I slap myself and keep moving. [24:56]
  • Through all these occurrences and tragedy, I definitely cemented that theory that the more people we help, it comes back to us 100,000 times over. [25:20]
  • I’m just trying every day to lead the best life that I can lead physically, intellectually and emotionally, spiritually, believing that tomorrow will be a better day. [25:33]
  • Everybody goes through these terrible times and you never know what’s going on with the person next to you. [26:30]
  • I just want to try to inspire and motivate people to get back up off the canvas, reengage in that competitive game of life, and give it another shot. [26:52]
  • We pray in our time and God answers in his time so it never happens when we think it will but eventually it does. [27:10]


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