Stand in your Truth -Michael S. Seaver

“Be the person you needed when you were younger, and if you do that, you’re going to find a tremendous meaning and joy in life.” Michael S. Seaver

The workplace continues to evolve, as people become more aware of themselves and what they want.  It is therefore important that the leaders of today understand the trends and align themselves accordingly. Michael S. Seaver provides coaching for leaders to help them unlock their potential and says it all goes back to finding your authentic self and being true to who you are.

Michael S. Seaver is an award-winning executive coach, leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and author. He’s on a mission to unlock human potential to help people uncover and live their purpose, and live a more meaningful and authentic life. His unique methodology has revolutionized how leaders can live authentically and how organizations engage employees. He offers no-nonsense strategies to help people find confidence in their life’s narrative, commonalities across generations working today, and ways to communicate with emotional intelligence.

Michael’s newest book, I Know, A Practical Guide For Awakening To What’s Within And Finding Work-Life Integration, is a how-to guide Michael uses with clients walking you through the three phases of personal transformation and nine processes you can complete alone or with trusted friends. The book tells Michael’s raw and authentic story, offers research-based psychological truths, and is full of real-world client examples. After reading I Know, you’ll transition from believing life’s answers come from outside yourself to knowing you can discover the answers already inside yourself.

For more than 25 years, Michael has lead teams and has coached global leaders since 2011. He’s invested thousands of hours in the “arena” managing personal and organizational change, guided others to uncover their lives’ missions, and taught leaders how to create psychological safety by inviting employee life experiences into workplace.

Featured in numerous publications such as Forbes, Authority, Medium, Thrive Global, Arizona Republic, Business Journals, Accounting Today, Financial Executives International, Best Companies USA, Michael has shared his experiences widely. He is a frequent guest on international podcasts and has served on a variety of boards of directors. Michael graduated from the Thunderbird School of Global Management with a MBA and speaks a bit of Mandarin. He is certified by TTI Success Insights to administer the DISC, 12 Driving Forces, Emotional Intelligence assessments.

In today’s episode, Michael talks about his passion for coaching, and how he unlocks people’s potential. He also talks about the motivation behind writing his book and the hurdles he had to overcome to make the book a reality.

Listen in!

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  • I worked at the Four Seasons Resort in north Scottsdale where I learned an awful lot about customer service, giving back and anticipating guests needs.
  • After my MBA I took a full time job at one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems as the director of talent sourcing.
  • I always wanted to do coaching, and in February 2011, I launched my coaching practice as it is now.
  • I am an executive coach and I do offer team trainings, I speak publicly and serve as MC for events, and I also have online courses.
  • My life’s mission is about how I can unlock potential and give other people hope.
  • I’ve helped a lot of folks define what their life’s mission is, or define what their personal brand is, and then figure out ways that they can share them openly.
  • I’ve also really enjoyed helping people become coaches, which then creates an entire ecosystem inside of a company or organization for other coaches.
  • We’re moving forward to a very different time in human history, where people are going to stand in their truths in ways that they never have before.
  • Our job as coaches and leaders is to help people believe in themselves in ways that they might not have before.
  • We are moving to a time where people are slowing down, and finding an objective framework on how to distribute their time into things they genuinely care about.
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  • We have moved to what astrologist referred to as the Age of Aquarius.
  • Organizations that are upscaling their people are the ones that are going to have the most engaged and productive staff.
  • Now is the time to create those collaborative workspaces where people can truly express themselves in a more connected environment.
  • In March of 2020, I got this epiphany and I reached out to a writing coach that I had known.
  • The summer of 2020 was an enormously challenging emotional time for me, because I was confronting a lot of my own fears to tell some of the stories that I tell in the book.
  • I had to challenge myself and get really deep into my own heart and soul to tell the stories that I told but it has opened up doors that I would have never ever considered.
  • The more niche or specific that you are, the more depth oftentimes the help that you can provide is.
  • I encourage everybody watching or listening to take the time to really start to share yourself more openly, because you never know who you’re going to uplift.
  • Be the person you needed to be when you were younger, and if you do that, you’re going to find a tremendous meaning and joy in life. 


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