Own Your ”I Don’t Know” – Ashleigh Wilson

“I have learnt to become a leader and not a boss, and how to get others just as invested in my vision, as I am.”  Ashleigh Wilson

A key trait of successful entrepreneurs is self-awareness. It is only after they have had an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, that they can be able to identify the opportunities and the necessary conditions to thrive. Our guest today Ashleigh Wilson, followed a path not commonly taken in business, and due to her persistence, she was able to create a product that is not only unique, but fulfilling to her as well.

Ashleigh is a San Francisco based entrepreneur who opened and sold multiple small businesses by the age of twenty until ultimately landing in the elevator business. She excelled in the industry but decided to leave the corporate world to build her own (ethical) path where she founded AuditMate, the first-ever elevator and escalator auditing and management software.

In today’s episode, Ashleigh talks about her journey that led to the founding her business. She also talks about some of the things that she has learnt in the course of her journey.

Listen in!

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  • I was raised in the elevator industry and I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. [3:14]
  • I joined the elevator industry in my early 20s, and I thought that I would surely be the first woman CEO of Schindler elevator. [4:10]
  • I realized that people didn’t understand their contracts, and the salespeople didn’t understand how to explain to people what they were getting because it didn’t make sense. [4:30]
  • AuditMate was born out of a passion of believing that clients don’t need to be elevated or experts, they just need honest and transparent information. [5:26]
  • AuditMate monitors all aspects of clients’ elevator service contracts and we audit on over 200 data points to ensure contract compliance. [6:12]
  • What we do to help people is really just trying to be fair, and doing our best to be as honest and transparent as possible. [7:02]
  • On top of our software, we also have a product line called Safe, which is our specifications and field evaluations. [10:44]
  • When an elevator company writes an elevator contract, they write it to protect them, not to protect you. [11:02]
  • We write elevator contracts to protect the owners, and it’s the only truly enforceable elevator service contract in the market. [11:11]
  • It is so important to me that we discuss networking as women in business and any minority group. [13:35]
  • I am a firm believer in owning my I don’t knows and not glossing them when I am not sure. [20:02]
  • Commercial break. [21:00]
  • Never stop learning because as you’re growing into being an entrepreneur, there’s a lot of learning and unlearning. [24:35]
  • The biggest lesson I have had, is that nobody knows what they’re doing, and that’s given me a lot of solace. [25:34]
  • A big solid other learning is owning that this journey is mine, but I can never get AuditMate to the place that I want to get to by myself. [26:43]
  • I have learnt to become a leader and not a boss, and how to get others just as invested in my vision, as I am. [27:17]
  • It is going to be scary, but do it anyway. [31:40]


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