Think Like A Banker – Mark Willis

“Applied knowledge is power, so take what you learn and do something about it.” Mark Willis

Financial literacy is important when it comes to our relationship with money. However, being financially literate is not enough to unlock generational financial success. As Mark Willis notes, applying the financial knowledge and skills effectively when making financial decisions is the key to growing wealth and achieving financial success.

Mark Willis is a man on a mission to help you think differently about your money, your economy and your future. After graduating with six figures of student loan debt and discovering a way to turn his debt into real wealth as he watched everybody lose their retirement savings and home equity in 2008, he knew that he needed to find a more predictable way to meet his financial objectives and those of his clients.

 Mark is a Certified Financial Planner™, a three time #1 Best Selling Author, the owner of Lake Growth Financial Services, a financial firm in Chicago, Illinois and co-host of the Not Your Average Financial Podcast™. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of his clients take back control of their financial future and build their businesses with proven, tax-efficient financial solutions unknown to most financial gurus. He has become known as “Not Your Average Financial Planner!”

In today’s episode, mark talks about some of the strategies to use to protect yourself against financial losses, and get to live a financially secure life.

Listen in!

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  • The inflation conversation has quickly become a prevailing discussion that I have with my clients.
  • The mandate of the Federal Reserve has always been to keep inflation at about 2% to ensure that there is price stability and low unemployment.
  • They do that through a number of different tools, the most famous one being quantitative easing or money printing.
  • There are some strategies that you can use to help you get the wind of inflation at your back, rather than it being a headwind.
  • The wind is at your back if you’ve got strategies that actually do better in a higher inflation environment.
  • If we can help folks think like a bank, that helps them break free to a smart and stable financial future.
  • Our lives change when we start thinking categorically different and start to have a different conversation.
  • The lower your interest rate, the cheaper the money is to get access to, and the more stuff you can buy, and vice versa.
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  • In the concept ‘Buy Borrow Die,’ the first step is to buy assets that go up in value.
  • The key here is you got to buy an asset that generally doesn’t kick off any income because if you have no income, you pay no income tax.
  • The next step is to borrow against all those major inflated assets since loans are not considered income by the IRS.
  • The third and final step is to die, which means that when a billionaire passes away, their assets will get a step up in basis.
  • One of the challenges of buying stocks is that if the interest rate rises too high and there is too much inflation, the stock valuations go down.
  • Life insurance as a financial vehicle is a way to adopt the ‘Buy Borrow Die,’ strategy without the risk of going broke.
  • Applied knowledge is power, so take what you learn and do something about it.


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