Reset Your Thermostat – Melissa Kirk

“It’s that authenticity of stepping into who you really are that is attractive to everyone else, and which creates the easiest path of success.” Melissa Kirk

In order to achieve your desired purpose, it is important that you align your passion with your work. By following your passion, there is a greater likelihood that money and success will follow automatically. This is according to Melissa Kirk, who also notes that starting from a place of authenticity, and believing in yourself, really matters when pursuing success.

Melissa Kirk Consulting offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your inner blueprint. Since they opened their doors in 2008, each year they have had a bigger list of returning and new clients.

People hire Melissa Kirk, to get results they have sought after, explore her out of the box ideas, use her expertise to find and align with their passion and purpose, shift their mindset to be empowered and create the lifestyle they desire. She helps them find and purchase their dream home, attract the clients they want to work with, improve their relationships, systemize and grow their business, and improve their health. She helps them to get to the root of the issues going on in their lives and turn things around to match their dreams, goals and aspirations.

In today’s episode, Melissa talks about her consulting business and how she helps people align with their greatest purpose.

Listen in!

Connect with Melissa:

  • My journey has been about finding my place and my purpose, and helping awaken people and get them aligned with who they are.
  • When I’m working with my clients, it’s about teaching them what they love to do, and who they are on a soul level so that they can just have that money come to them.
  • Everyone over the last couple years has really had to think about things differently, and find new ways of reinventing themselves.
  • One of the things for me was finding ways of working less and making more.
  • The point is to figure out how to set and maintain the level of income that I want going forward, and that’s usually a mindset ceiling.
  • When we get so stressed out about money, our body releases cortisol which makes it not work right.
  • One thing that I’ve noticed is that when I start to get stressed about money, I pay attention and I head it off before it gets full blown.
  • The biggest problem that I find when I’m working with people is that they recognize there’s a problem, but don’t really have any idea or solution of how to get out of it.
  • The worst thing that we do to ourselves, is compare ourselves to other people.
  • One thing that I learned and help my clients with is, it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing, we all have a unique proposition and a way that we help.
  • One thing that sometimes people miss is not realizing who they are is their formula, and they start to complicate it to be more.
  • It’s that authenticity of stepping into who you really are that is attractive to everyone else, and which creates the easiest path of success.
  • A lot of times, it’s just giving my client the permission by laying it all out for them and telling them that they can walk into this.
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  • The key is doing the things that I’m good at because there’s a big clarity and understanding why you’re doing it.
  • One thing I realized when I was in my law of attraction coaching program was to really go with the flow of life.
  • Acceptance, and finding the natural way that you’re designed to operate is very key in getting rid of the struggle and getting into our own bliss in the search for pleasure.
  • Get help for whatever hurdle you are working through it, because nobody out there that is successful did it on their own.
  • Live your life in authenticity and understanding your why on doing it.


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