Traveling Addiction – Malcolm Teasdale

“If you have a bucket list start working on it now before it’s too late.” ~ Malcolm Teasdale

Malcolm Teasdale was born in Coventry, England and is a successful entrepreneur who spent all of his working life in the technology industry, where he made a success from creating software development companies, the most recent of which he sold to a major corporation in 2013 for its intellectual property and workforce skillset.

He created markets in all the major continents and sold products to customers in over 70 countries. His company received numerous industry awards for product quality, innovation, and pioneering technology, and he has spoken at many trade shows and industry events around the World.

He has traveled to 98 countries for business and pleasure, but since retiring from the industry, now travels to the more unusual destinations in the World in search of rich cultural experiences. Think Nepal, Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan and Borneo to name a few.

He has written several books about business and adventure travel, with an emphasis on history, geography, education and humor. His public speaking engagements focus on business, adventure travel, destinations around the World and foreign cultures.

Apart from England, he has also lived in Canada, Wales and Singapore, and currently resides in Florida, USA.

Listen in!!

  • The key to our success was probably involved in travel international business. [05:28]
  • What I tried to do is learn about foreign cultures at an early age and when we go overseas to meet with these companies to sell our products, we wanted to make sure we understand the business culture. [05:46]
  • I took early retirement in 2013 and for six months I did nothing and was stupidly bored. Then I got poached by some sort of entertainment company. [06:22]
  • If you are going to travel or communicate with people from other countries, you need to start to understand their culture. [07:56]
  • Taking the time to learn about another culture not only enriches you but it also lubricates the relationship or potential business relationship, creates more opportunities for positive interactions. [08:15]
  • My whole team that works for me is based in Kenya and I was supposed to go there last November. [10:07]
  • Just because we think maybe something should be different doesn’t mean that that’s what somebody wants and learning to recognize that and respect it is really important. [11:31]
  • When you go and learn about the way other people live in the world, we are pretty much all the same. We all have our bad sides and habits but there is always a good side. [12:19]
  • What made you want to start writing and putting this down? [12:46]
  • It is pretty important to document stuff so that later in life you have a memory of the experiences that you had. That is why I do it. [14:18]
  • When we used to travel, at the end of every day we’d spend half an hour remembering the things we did that day. [14:52]
  • Commercial &Marketing U.  [16:10]
  • If I had to say to people a place to go that would give you everlasting memories that you would never forget, these three places will provide you with memories to last you forever the country of Bhutan, Mongolia and Tibet. [19:16]
  • The scenery in Mongolia in the wilderness is quite unlike anywhere else in the planet. [20:22]
  • Being out in the wilderness almost isolated was a fabulous experience. [21:07]
  • As you talked about all the three places you are talking about the way people live, what’s important to them and their sense of pride in their life and following their ancestors. [25:35]
  • The best degree you can have in the world is the degree of common sense. [29:13]
  • If you have a bucket list start working on it now before it’s too late. You don’t want to have any regrets while you are laying in your bed and you can’t travel anymore. [29:23]


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