Untethered – Heather Wickman

“When you lead from a place of love, what you actually create is an environment for people to flourish.” Heather Wickman

How can leaders overcome their fears and biases and start to leading their people with love? Heather Wickman works with leaders to help them unveil their best selves and says that self-awareness and self-love is an important part of the growth process for leaders.

Heather Wickman is from Minnesota, born and raised near Walnut Grove on the family farm. She holds a PhD in Organizational Systems – Leading Transformational Change, an MA in Human Resources and Organizational Development, and a BS in Human Resource Development. Heather has worked with companies such as Optum, First Bank, Envision Healthcare, DaVita Medical Group and have led and consulted leaders in many Executive level positions at over 20 companies. Many of her clients have struggled with navigating change and uncertainty, making massive career transitions, and building highly engaged and top-performing teams. She has used our proven tools to help them overcome these challenges and come out on the top.

Heather Wickman is a bestselling author and Co-Founder of Untethered, a company upending the executive coaching model by creating evidence-based change strategies that support individuals and teams to accelerate their growth by breaking through stubborn roadblocks and mastering change to create the results they most desire.

Untethered guides individuals and teams through powerful growth intensives and immersive experiences based on their proprietary Growth Formula that provides an unparalleled one-on-one opportunity to reveal the most powerful aspects of yourself and shed the limits that hold you back.

In today’s episode, Heather talks about her career path, working with leaders and overcoming obstacles the hinder people from living their purpose.

Listen in!  

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Book Link: The Evolved Executive: The Future of Work is Love in Action  

  • I was a high achiever al through my life and climbed the career ladder to the peak at a very young age.
  • The strangest thing was that as I excelled, I kept on getting more and more miserable, anxious, depressed, and unfulfilled.
  • I resigned my job and traveled the world with my husband for a year before we settled down and figured how to make a difference and Untethered was born.
  • We really exist to guide high achieving executives and entrepreneurs to overcome some of the biggest and stubborn obstacles that are in the way of what they want to create in their lives.
  • We combine several different coaching processes like the immunity to change with peak experiences.
  • Mid-career retirement gives us some time to pause to re-evaluate and understand who are we today, because it may not be who we were yesterday.
  • When going through the program, the first phase people get excited because they have someone to help them get through their challenge.
  • The next phase entails getting into the introspective space where we slow everything down to allow that emotion to just be as it is, and not to rush through it.
  • We usually have a peak experience which provides rapid and potent insight that allows that individual to see the pinpoint.
  • Once they have achieved the awareness, they begin to experiment and put the new behaviors and patterns into everyday life.
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  • My book is about how to put away leading from a place of fear to leading with love.
  • Throughout the book, there are these different distinctions around what it looks like to lead with love and action versus fear.
  • When you lead from a place of love, what you actually create is an environment for people to flourish.
  • Some of the most-high achieving execs and entrepreneurs that I come across are the ones that are looking and needing that self-love more than anyone else.
  • Part of the work that we do here at Untethered is creating the conditions for you to love yourself a little bit more.
  • Find ways to love yourself a little bit more.


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