The Fix Yourself Handbook – Faust Ruggiero

“The stronger we are on the inside the better we implement programs we need to make life work on the outside.” ~ Faust Ruggiero

How a team (or individual) will think, feel, and behave is directly linked to how strong they are on the inside, according to my next guest. In this episode we discuss his book The Fix Yourself Handbook  and the role it can play in transforming any work environment. From starting by stopping, meaning getting your team off autopilot, to using intellect over initial emotional reactions, Faust’s goal is to help people to better present a problem, understand the problem, and then find a solution to the problem.

Faust Ruggiero’s career has spanned over 4 decades, counseling clients ranging in age from five, and into senior living, including people in inpatient facilities, prisons, substance abuse counseling centers, and nursing homes. He has provided employee assistance programs to major corporations, has extensive experience providing emotional support services to deaf children, and was part of a team that developed the counseling program for drunk drivers that became the prototype for the state of Pennsylvania, and is still being used in many other states.

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  • When you are passionate inside and you can wrap that around everything you are doing, that changes life completely. [03:45]
  • The stronger we are on the inside the better we implement programs we need to make life work on the outside. [04:14]
  • What kind of things are you facing with people in the work situation? [04:42]
  • Our goal is to make sure every single person on our team is so excited to come to work that they can wait. [09:50]
  • Just because it’s not probable doesn’t mean it’s not possible. [10:17]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [15:02]
  • We have to establish a starting spot. [17:34]
  • Intellect over Emotion (IOE). [18:51]
  • Present the problem, understand all the information, fix the problem. [19:32]
  • All these things that we tell ourselves to keep some of those layers of the onion on, they get in our own way from moving forward. [20:53]
  • You have to be able to make those changes as the process goes forward, that’s all inside you. [22:11]
  • The key is; when you have asked yourself all the pertinent questions and you are able to answer them then you don’t fear asking questions anywhere else. [23:15]
  • Do not give up on yourself, do not believe for any one moment ever that you can’t do something. [25:57]
  • If you are met with a challenge, it’s because you need to get some more tools inside you and grow. [26:10]
  • Grow, be the strongest person in the world, in your world and you will be able to attack whatever comes up in it. [26:04]


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