Everything Happens From the Inside Out – Mia Hewett

“To awaken is to see. In order to see, you have to first see where you are not awake” ~ Mia Hewett

What is really standing in the way of your success? Do you truly feel free to be you, in the fullest sense of the word? Our guest today helps us tackle these questions, and more.

In this episode we learn about Mia’s personal journey of realizing she didn’t feel like she was good enough, even though she had a multi-million-dollar company, happy kids and a gorgeous home. to understanding and dealing with her own childhood trauma that was the root cause of that insecurity. She also reminds us that we can’t think greater than we feel, and we must work on ourselves from the inside out, even when we want to believe things are happening from the outside, in.

Mia Hewett has co-owned and operated a seven-figure business, is an international speaker, and a world-class business coach. Mia is the founder of Aligned Intelligence™, a methodology that removes all blind spots, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt leaving you feeling “Free to be Me.” This allows her clients to stop secretly struggling and live-in alignment with their dreams so that they can scale to 6 and 7-figures the fast way.

Mia has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs who’ve always known they were meant for more and she is sharing all her secrets in her new book, Meant for More- Stop Secretly Struggling and Become a Force to Be Reckoned With.  The book explains how to stop secretly struggling, awaken your full potential, and discover the Truth about who you really are.

To receive a free copy of her book, go to https://www.miameantformorebook.com and use the code “FREEBOOK”.

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  • My father is the one who scared me the most. [04:26]
  • That day I decided that people don’t really mean what they say, you can’t trust anyone and the world is not a safe space. [06:18]
  • I built these walls around myself and didn’t let anyone in for years. [06:36]
  • I just never knew back then that the walls that I built to protect myself would become my greatest limitations for my life and my business. [06:44]
  • Although it can appear like we have had many traumas; it will ultimately feel like the same betrayal. [08:02]
  • Everything is operating from inside out; nothing is created outside in. [12:42]
  • What is stopping us is not coming from the logical, it’s coming from the emotional. [14:32
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [16:00]
  • How do we move out of the negative talk? [17:45]
  • You are meant for More, stop secretly struggling, become a force to reckon with. [18:06]
  • Understand how life works and how we work as individuals. [18:55]
  • In opening up and asking the questions, comes the receiving of the answer we are looking for. [21:21]
  • Allowance is we don’t get what we want by force, we actually get what we want by leveraging the universal law of cause and effect. [21:34]
  • It’s not knowledge and education that give us results; it is having new experiences that give us new results that will change our lives. [26:35]
  • When we aim at nothing, we always get it every time. [30:23]
  • When you start to trust in these unforeseen laws which are powerful and you have access to everything gets easier. [31:53]
  • A child grows by an emotional bond of trust. [35:15]
  • The emotional trust is what allows us to take risks and be vulnerable. [35:40]
  • When the emotional bond of trust is broken, we experience an emotional trauma. [36:02]
  • The more you let one single belief define who you are then the less capable you are when you have to adapt through the environment around you. [40:28]


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