Lighting Designer To The Stars! – Alan Blacher

What makes a great television interview? Consider it a performance!

Behind every performance, there are thousands of tiny details that hold a show together, and scenic lighting is one of the key pillars when it comes to the power of visibility. Knowing how and when to put these pieces of aesthetics together, so that they can create the needed effect, is an art form in itself. This is according to Alan Blacher, who’s love for lighting was evident from a young age, and has over the years turned numerous media projects from mundane to vibrant.

Alan has spent decades as the go-to guru for lighting design on major talk shows and media performances. Alan’s love of lighting was kindled in high school, where stage productions led him eventually to Broadway, along the way learning lighting for theatre, dance, and eventually television. With his experience, he also found the opportunity to create innovation in lighting and use it to the advance of many of the elements of live television that we take for granted today.

Today Alan oversees a team of specialists who continue to provide excellence in lighting, even when the world of in-person studio taping has been hard-hit by the pandemic. He stays as motivated as ever to make sure the on-camera futures are bight.

In this snippet from the full-length interview, Alan talks about his diverse experiences as a lighting designer and the effects especially for performing arts and television.

Listen in!

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