&MarketingU – Raj Kapur

Can a solopreneur master the challenges of marketing without a large team and huge corporate budget?

Our guest today says yes and has created the resource to make that happen!

As the Managing Director of &Marketing (and-marketing.com), Rajat “Raj” Kapur strives to provide growing businesses unparalleled marketing strategy and execution services. He is known for bringing the best of “big company” marketing strategies to growing companies, without the excess baggage.

In this episode we kick off our March series called The Magic of Marketing with our sponsor for the month. We talk about the new &MarketingU ( www.and-marketing.com/u),  a 3-month modern marketing education course for busy solopreneurs and one-person marketing departments who need the tools, education, and accountability to grow a business but don’t have the extra time, budget, or set of hands to manage and execute everything themselves.  We also discuss “breakthrough value” and how to identify and use it as your competitive advantage.

Us the code SHOCK when you sign up for &MarketingU and receive a 10% discount.

Listen in!

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Thank you to our March Sponsor: &Marketing U

Solopreneurs and small businesses often struggle to create effective digital marketing programs. It’s hard to know where to start, what to prioritize, how to sift through confusing information and solutions that seem too good to be true. Agencies and full-time marketing employees are expensive!

&Marketing U is a modern marketing course with all the tools, education, and accountability you need to grow your business without that extra set of hands or high overhead costs. You will learn exactly what you need to do to execute a concrete marketing strategy by dedicating just 2-4 hours per week.

&Marketing U will help you execute: Strategy, Messaging, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Paid Digital Advertising, and more. You’ll have access to on-demand resources, live courses, group coaching sessions, community forums and networking, plus the exact templates and tools you need for success.

Our CPO took this course and one of the biggest benefits we gained was developing a competitive strategy that aligned our social media playbook and website to generate highly qualified leads.

For all the tools, education, and accountability you need to grow your small business at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional agency or additional employees, go to:  www.and-marketing.com/u, and use the code SHOCK to receive 10% off any program!